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DFWLKI3GD.jpgAtex Indicators
Dini Argeo£ 0.00View/Order
adventurer analytical proweigh.jpgAV114110g x 0.1mg
(Model Number: 80103738)
Ohaus£ 1,100.00View/Order
adventurer analytical proweigh.jpgAV114C110g x 0.1mg
(Model Number: 80103739)
Ohaus£ 1,250.00View/Order
adventurer analytical proweigh.jpgAV114CM110g x 0.1mg
(Model Number: 80103740)
Ohaus£ 1,379.00View/Order
av812 proweigh.jpgAV21012100g x 0.1g
(Model Number: 80103570)
Ohaus£ 379.00View/Order
av412c proweigh.jpgAV2101C2100g x 0.1g
(Model Number: 80103976)
Ohaus£ 860.00View/Order
av412c proweigh.jpgAV2101CDM500/2100g x 0.1/0.2g
(Model Number: 80103977)
Ohaus£ 735.00View/Order
av412c proweigh.jpgAV21022100g x 0.01g
(Model Number: 80103875)
Ohaus£ 639.00View/Order
av412c proweigh.jpgAV2102C2100g x 0.01g
(Model Number: 80103876)
Ohaus£ 940.00View/Order
av412c proweigh.jpgAV2102CM2100g x 0.01g
(Model Number: 80103877)
Ohaus£ 1,085.00View/Order
av213 proweigh.jpgAV212210g x 0.01g
(Model Number: 80103520)
Ohaus£ 314.00View/Order
av213 proweigh.jpgAV212C210g x 0.01g
(Model Number: 80103898)
Ohaus£ 505.00View/Order
av213 proweigh.jpgAV212CDM50/210g x 0.01/0.02g
(Model Number: 80103901)
Ohaus£ 650.00View/Order
av213 proweigh.jpgAV213210g x 1mg
(Model Number: 80103812)
Ohaus£ 674.00View/Order
av213 proweigh.jpgAV213C210g x 1mg
(Model Number: 80103813)
Ohaus£ 855.00View/Order
av213 proweigh.jpgAV213CM210g x 1mg
(Model Number: 80103814)
Ohaus£ 1,055.00View/Order
adventurer analytical proweigh.jpgAV264260g x 0.1mg
(Model Number: 80103780)
Ohaus£ 1,145.00View/Order
adventurer analytical proweigh.jpgAV264C260g x 0.1mg
(Model Number: 80103781)
Ohaus£ 1,320.00View/Order
adventurer analytical proweigh.jpgAV264CM260g x 0.1mg
(Model Number: 80103782)
Ohaus£ 1,440.00View/Order
av412c proweigh.jpgAV31023100g x 0.01g
(Model Number: 80103910)
Ohaus£ 679.00View/Order
av412c proweigh.jpgAV3102C3100g x 0.01g
(Model Number: 80103911)
Ohaus£ 1,000.00View/Order
av213 proweigh.jpgAV313310g x 1mg
(Model Number: 80103833)
Ohaus£ 709.00View/Order
av213 proweigh.jpgAV313C310g x 1mg
(Model Number: 80103834)
Ohaus£ 1,025.00View/Order
av812 proweigh.jpgAV41014100g x 0.1g
(Model Number: 80103580)
Ohaus£ 479.00View/Order
av412c proweigh.jpgAV4101C4100g x 0.1g
(Model Number: 80103988)
Ohaus£ 715.00View/Order
av412c proweigh.jpgAV4101CDM500/4100g x 0.01/0.02g
(Model Number: 80103989)
Ohaus£ 860.00View/Order
av412c proweigh.jpgAV41024100g x 0.01g
(Model Number: 80103931)
Ohaus£ 729.00View/Order
av412c proweigh.jpgAV4102C4100g x 0.01g
(Model Number: 80103932)
Ohaus£ 1,055.00View/Order
av412c proweigh.jpgAV4102CM4100g x 0.01g
(Model Number: 80103933)
Ohaus£ 1,200.00View/Order
av812 proweigh.jpgAV412410g x 0.01g
(Model Number: 80103530)
Ohaus£ 479.00View/Order
av412c proweigh.jpgAV412C410g x 0.01g
(Model Number: 80103952)
Ohaus£ 710.00View/Order
av412c proweigh.jpgAV412CDM50/410g x 0.01/0.05g
(Model Number: 80103953)
Ohaus£ 855.00View/Order
av213 proweigh.jpgAV413410g x 1mg
(Model Number: 80103854)
Ohaus£ 729.00View/Order
av213 proweigh.jpgAV413C410g x 1mg
(Model Number: 80103855)
Ohaus£ 1,055.00View/Order
av213 proweigh.jpgAV413CM410g x 1mg
(Model Number: 80103856)
Ohaus£ 1,200.00View/Order
av812 proweigh.jpgAV81018100g x 0.1g
(Model Number: 80103600)
Ohaus£ 519.00View/Order
av412c proweigh.jpgAV8101C8100g x 0.1g
(Model Number: 80104100)
Ohaus£ 775.00View/Order
av412c proweigh.jpgAV8101CM8100g x 0.1g
(Model Number: 80104101)
Ohaus£ 920.00View/Order
av812 proweigh.jpgAV812810g x 0.01g
(Model Number: 80103550)
Ohaus£ 519.00View/Order
av412c proweigh.jpgAV812C810g x 0.01g
(Model Number: 80103964)
Ohaus£ 770.00View/Order
av412c proweigh.jpgAV812CM810g x 0.01g
(Model Number: 80103965)
Ohaus£ 915.00View/Order
(Model Number: 3706)
ProWeigh Ltd£ 0.00View/Order
(Model Number: 3708BFN)
ProWeigh Ltd£ 0.00View/Order
D71xwss.jpgDef''7000 S/Steel150kg x10g
(Model Number: D71XW150WL4-GB)
Ohaus£ 839.00View/Order
D71xwss.jpgDef''7000 S/Steel150kg x50g
(Model Number: D71XW150WL4GB-M)
Ohaus£ 920.00View/Order
D32hybridnontradethumb.gifDef'3000 Hybrid150kg x 20g
(Model Number: D32XW150BX-GB)
Ohaus£ 445.00View/Order
D32hybridnontradethumb.gifDef'3000 Hybrid150kg x 20g
(Model Number: D32XW150BL-GB)
Ohaus£ 355.00View/Order
D32hybridtradethumb.gifDef'3000 Hybrid150kg x 50g
(Model Number: D32XW150BL-GB-M)
Ohaus£ 420.00View/Order
D32hybridtradethumb.gifDef'3000 Hybrid150kg x 50g
(Model Number: D32XW150BX-GB-M)
Ohaus£ 499.00View/Order
D32hybridtradethumb.gifDef'3000 Hybrid300kg x 100g
(Model Number: D32XW300BX-GB-M)
Ohaus£ 499.00View/Order
D32hybridnontradethumb.gifDef'3000 Hybrid300kg x 50g
(Model Number: D32XW300BX-GB)
Ohaus£ 445.00View/Order
D32hybridtradethumb.gifDef'3000 Hybrid30kg x 10g
(Model Number: D32XW30BR-GB-M)
Ohaus£ 375.00View/Order
D32hybridnontradethumb.gifDef'3000 Hybrid30kg x 5g
(Model Number: D32XW30BR-GB)
Ohaus£ 315.00View/Order
D32hybridnontradethumb.gifDef'3000 Hybrid60kg x 10g
(Model Number: D32XW60BR-GB)
Ohaus£ 315.00View/Order
D32hybridnontradethumb.gifDef'3000 Hybrid60kg x 10g
(Model Number: D32XW60BL-GB)
Ohaus£ 355.00View/Order
D32hybridtradethumb.gifDef'3000 Hybrid60kg x 20g
(Model Number: D32XW60BL-GB-M)
Ohaus£ 420.00View/Order
D32hybridtradethumb.gifDef'3000 Hybrid60kg x 20g
(Model Number: D32XW60BR-GB-M)
Ohaus£ 375.00View/Order
D32hybridnontradethumb.gifDef'3000 S/Steel30kg x 5g
(Model Number: D32XW30VR-GB)
Ohaus£ 459.00View/Order
D71XWss.jpgDef'7000 S/Steel15kg x 1g
(Model Number: D71XW15WR3-GB)
Ohaus£ 714.00View/Order
D71XWss.jpgDef'7000 S/Steel15kg x 5g
(Model Number: D71XW15WR3-GB-M)
Ohaus£ 763.00View/Order
D71xwss.jpgDef'7000 S/Steel300kg x 100g
(Model Number: D71XW300WX4GB-M)
Ohaus£ 1,070.00View/Order
D71xwss.jpgDef'7000 S/Steel300kg x 20g
(Model Number: D71XW300WX4-GB)
Ohaus£ 1,010.00View/Order
D71xwss.jpgDef'7000 S/Steel30kg x 10g
(Model Number: D71XW30WR3-GB-M)
Ohaus£ 763.00View/Order
D71xwss.jpgDef'7000 S/Steel30kg x 2g
(Model Number: D71XW30WR3-GB)
Ohaus£ 714.00View/Order
D71xwss.jpgDef'7000 S/Steel60kg x 20g
(Model Number: D71XW60WL4-GB-M)
Ohaus£ 888.00View/Order
D71xwss.jpgDef'7000 S/Steel60kg x 5g
(Model Number: D71XW60WL4-GB)
Ohaus£ 839.00View/Order
D32hybridnontradethumb.gifDef3000 S/Steel150kg x 20g
(Model Number: D32XW150VL-GB)
Ohaus£ 630.00View/Order
D32hybridnontradethumb.gifDef3000 S/Steel150kg x 20g
(Model Number: D32XW150VX-GB)
Ohaus£ 859.00View/Order
D32hybridnontradethumb.gifDef3000 S/Steel300kg x 50g
(Model Number: D32XW300VX-GB)
Ohaus£ 859.00View/Order
D32hybridnontradethumb.gifDef3000 S/Steel60kg x 10g
(Model Number: D32XW60VR-GB)
Ohaus£ 459.00View/Order
D32hybridnontradethumb.gifDef3000 S/Steel60kg x 10g
(Model Number: D32XW60VL-GB)
Ohaus£ 630.00View/Order
d23pnontrade.gifDefender 2000 150kg x 20g
(Model Number: D23P150EL-EU)
Ohaus£ 266.00View/Order
d23pnontrade.gifDefender 2000 150kg x 20g
(Model Number: D23P150EX-EU)
Ohaus£ 315.00View/Order
d23pnontrade.gifDefender 2000 300kg x 50g
(Model Number: D23P300EX-EU)
Ohaus£ 330.00View/Order
d23pnontrade.gifDefender 2000 30kg x 5g
(Model Number: D23P30ER-EU)
Ohaus£ 228.00View/Order
d23pnontrade.gifDefender 2000 60kg x 10g
(Model Number: D23P60ER-EU)
Ohaus£ 233.00View/Order
D31standardnontradethumb.gifDefender 3000 150kg x 20g
(Model Number: D31P150BL)
Ohaus£ 314.00View/Order
D31standardnontradethumb.gifDefender 3000 150kg x 20g
(Model Number: D31P150BX)
Ohaus£ 370.00View/Order
D31standardtradethumb.gifDefender 3000 150kg x 50g
(Model Number: D31P150BL-M)
Ohaus£ 373.00View/Order
D31standardtradethumb.gifDefender 3000 150kg x 50g
(Model Number: D31P150BX-M)
Ohaus£ 420.00View/Order
D31standardtradethumb.gifDefender 3000 300kg x 100g
(Model Number: D31P300BX-M)
Ohaus£ 420.00View/Order
D31standardnontradethumb.gifDefender 3000 300kg x 50g
(Model Number: D31P300BX)
Ohaus£ 370.00View/Order
D31standardtradethumb.gifDefender 3000 30kg x 10g
(Model Number: D31P30BR-M)
Ohaus£ 328.00View/Order
D31standardnontradethumb.gifDefender 3000 30kg x 5g
(Model Number: D31P30BR)
Ohaus£ 268.00View/Order
D31standardnontradethumb.gifDefender 3000 60kg x 10g
(Model Number: D31P60BL)
Ohaus£ 314.00View/Order
D31standardnontradethumb.gifDefender 3000 60kg x 10g
(Model Number: D31P60BR)
Ohaus£ 268.00View/Order
D31standardtradethumb.gifDefender 3000 60kg x 20g
(Model Number: D31P60BR-M)
Ohaus£ 328.00View/Order
D31standardtradethumb.gifDefender 3000 60kg x 20g
(Model Number: D31P60BL-M)
Ohaus£ 373.00View/Order
animation3.gifDigital Coal Scale 75kg
(Model Number: DEADWEIGHT60KG)
ProWeigh Ltd£ 995.00View/Order
scoop scale2.gifDigital Scoop Scales 75kg
(Model Number: COALSCUTTLE60KG)
ProWeigh Ltd£ 1,595.00View/Order
discoveryproweigh.jpgDV114C 110g x 0.1mg
(Model Number: 80104136)
Ohaus£ 1,839.00View/Order
discoveryproweigh.jpgDV114CM 110g x 0.1mg
(Model Number: 80104140)
Ohaus£ 1,949.00View/Order
discoveryproweigh.jpgDV214C 210g x 0.1mg
(Model Number: 80104137)
Ohaus£ 1,979.00View/Order
discoveryproweigh.jpgDV214CM 210g x 0.1mg
(Model Number: 80104141)
Ohaus£ 2,110.00View/Order
discoveryproweigh.jpgDV215CD 81/210g x 0.01/0.1mg
(Model Number: 80104139)
Ohaus£ 2,579.00View/Order
discoveryproweigh.jpgDV215CDM 81/210g x 0.01/0.1mg
(Model Number: 80104143)
Ohaus£ 2,680.00View/Order
discoveryproweigh.jpgDV314C 310g x 0.1mg
(Model Number: 80104138)
Ohaus£ 2,339.00View/Order
discoveryproweigh.jpgDV314CM 310g x 0.1mg
(Model Number: 80104142)
Ohaus£ 2,445.00View/Order
Precision_Right250.jpgEx10201 10200g x 0.1g
(Model Number: 83021365)
Ohaus£ 1,675.00View/Order
Precision_Right250.jpgEx10201M 10200g x 0.1g
(Model Number: 83021366)
Ohaus£ 1,775.00View/Order
Precision_Right250.jpgEX10202 10200g x 0.01g
(Model Number: 83021362)
Ohaus£ 2,425.00View/Order
Precision_Right250.jpgEX10202M 10200g x 0.01g
(Model Number: 83021363)
Ohaus£ 2,475.00View/Order
Analytical Right300.jpgEX1103 1100g x 1mg
(Model Number: 83021350)
Ohaus£ 2,679.00View/Order
Analytical Right300.jpgEX1103M 1100g x 1mg
(Model Number: 83021351)
Ohaus£ 2,729.00View/Order
Analytical Right300.jpgEX124 120g x 0.1mg
(Model Number: 83021331)
Ohaus£ 1,890.00View/Order
Precision_Right250.jpgEX2202 2200g x 0.01g
(Model Number: 83021356)
Ohaus£ 1,579.00View/Order
Analytical Right300.jpgEX223 220g x 1mg
(Model Number: 83021341)
Ohaus£ 1,579.00View/Order
Analytical Right300.jpgEX224 220g x 0.1mg
(Model Number: 83021332)
Ohaus£ 2,130.00View/Order
Analytical Right300.jpgEX224M 220g x 0.1mg
(Model Number: 83021333)
Ohaus£ 2,250.00View/Order
Analytical Right300.jpgEX324 320g x 0.1mg
(Model Number: 83021335)
Ohaus£ 2,385.00View/Order
Analytical Right300.jpgEX324M 320g x 0.1mg
(Model Number: 83021336)
Ohaus£ 2,490.00View/Order
Precision_Right250.jpgEX4202 4200g x 0.01g
(Model Number: 83021357)
Ohaus£ 1,779.00View/Order
Precision_Right250.jpgEX4202M 4200g x 0.01g
(Model Number: 83021358)
Ohaus£ 1,979.00View/Order
Analytical Right300.jpgEX423 420g x 1mg
(Model Number: 83021342)
Ohaus£ 1,779.00View/Order
Analytical Right300.jpgEX423M 420g x 1mg
(Model Number: 83021343)
Ohaus£ 1,939.00View/Order
Precision_Right250.jpgEX6201 6200g x 0.1g
(Model Number: 83021361)
Ohaus£ 1,375.00View/Order
Precision_Right250.jpgEX6202 6200g x 0.01g
(Model Number: 83021360)
Ohaus£ 2,075.00View/Order
Analytical Right300.jpgEX623 620g x 1mg
(Model Number: 83021348)
Ohaus£ 2,029.00View/Order
ECcount.jpgHIRE- Counting Scales
Ohaus£ 0.00View/Order
hireplatform.jpgHIRE- platform scales
ProWeigh Ltd£ 0.00View/Order
MB23 proweigh.jpgMB23 110g x 10mg
(Model Number: 80252470)
Ohaus£ 625.00View/Order
MB25 proweigh.jpgMB25 110g x 5mg
(Model Number: 80252472)
Ohaus£ 809.00View/Order
MB35 proweigh.jpgMB35 35g x 1mg
(Model Number: 11113002)
Ohaus£ 1,240.00View/Order
MB45 proweigh.jpgMB45 45g x 1mg
(Model Number: 11113001)
Ohaus£ 1,789.00View/Order
pioneer analytical proweigh.jpgPA114 110g x 0.1mg
(Model Number: 80251551)
Ohaus£ 655.00View/Order
pioneer analytical proweigh.jpgPA114C 110g x 0.1mg
(Model Number: 80251557)
Ohaus£ 775.00View/Order
pioneer analytical proweigh.jpgPA114CM 110g x 0.1mg
(Model Number: 80251560)
Ohaus£ 875.00View/Order
pioneer precision proweigh.jpgPA2102 2100g x 0.01g
(Model Number: 80251573)
Ohaus£ 454.00View/Order
pioneer precision proweigh.jpgPA2102C 2100g x 0.01g
(Model Number: 80251578)
Ohaus£ 574.00View/Order
pioneer precision proweigh.jpgPA2102CM 2100g x 0.01g
(Model Number: 80251582)
Ohaus£ 679.00View/Order
pioneer precision1mg proweigh.jpgPA213 210g x 1mg
(Model Number: 80251563)
Ohaus£ 425.00View/Order
pioneer precision1mg proweigh.jpgPA213C 210g x 1mg
(Model Number: 80251566)
Ohaus£ 545.00View/Order
pioneer precision1mg proweigh.jpgPA213CM 210g x 1mg
(Model Number: 80251569)
Ohaus£ 660.00View/Order
pioneer analytical proweigh.jpgPA214 210g x 0.1mg
(Model Number: 80251552)
Ohaus£ 735.00View/Order
pioneer analytical proweigh.jpgPA214C 210g x 0.1mg
(Model Number: 80251558)
Ohaus£ 855.00View/Order
pioneer analytical proweigh.jpgPA214CM 210g x 0.1mg
(Model Number: 80251561)
Ohaus£ 959.00View/Order
pioneer precision proweigh.jpgPA4101 4100g x 0.1g
(Model Number: 80251575)
Ohaus£ 409.00View/Order
pioneer precision proweigh.jpgPA4101C 4100g x 0.1g
(Model Number: 80251428)
Ohaus£ 530.00View/Order
pioneer precision proweigh.jpgPA4101CM 4100g x 0.1g
(Model Number: 80251429)
Ohaus£ 630.00View/Order
pioneer precision proweigh.jpgPA4102 4100g x 0.01g
(Model Number: 80251574)
Ohaus£ 489.00View/Order
pioneer precision proweigh.jpgPA4102C 4100g x 0.01g
(Model Number: 80251579)
Ohaus£ 609.00View/Order
pioneer precision proweigh.jpgPA4102CM 4100g x 0.01g
(Model Number: 80251583)
Ohaus£ 714.00View/Order
pioneer precision1mg proweigh.jpgPA413 410g x 1mg
(Model Number: 80251564)
Ohaus£ 465.00View/Order
pioneer precision1mg proweigh.jpgPA413C 410g x 1mg
(Model Number: 80251567)
Ohaus£ 585.00View/Order
pioneer precision1mg proweigh.jpgPA413CM 410g x 1mg
(Model Number: 80251570)
Ohaus£ 690.00View/Order
pioneer precision proweigh.jpgPA512 510g x 0.01g
(Model Number: 80251571)
Ohaus£ 405.00View/Order
pioneer precision proweigh.jpgPA512C 510g x 0.01g
(Model Number: 80251576)
Ohaus£ 525.00View/Order
pioneer precision proweigh.jpgPA512CM 510g x 0.01g
(Model Number: 80251580)
Ohaus£ 630.00View/Order
pioneer analytical proweigh.jpgPA64 65g x 0.1mg
(Model Number: 80251550)
Ohaus£ 605.00View/Order
pioneer analytical proweigh.jpgPA64C 65g x 0.1mg
(Model Number: 80251556)
Ohaus£ 725.00View/Order
pioneer analytical proweigh.jpgPA64CM 65g x 0.1mg
(Model Number: 80251559)
Ohaus£ 825.00View/Order
RA_Series_S.jpgRA Series 6kg x 2g
(Model Number: RA-6S-B)
Ohaus£ 242.00View/Order
RA_Series_S.jpgRA Series 15kg x 5g
(Model Number: RA-15S-B)
Ohaus£ 242.00View/Order
ranger3000 count proweigh.jpgRC31P15-M15kg x 0.5g
(Model Number: 30060910)
Ohaus£ 265.00View/Order
ranger3000 count proweigh.jpgRC31P1502-M1.5kg x 0.05g
(Model Number: 30060907)
Ohaus£ 265.00View/Order
ranger3000 count proweigh.jpgRC31P15021.5kg x 0.05g
(Model Number: 30031782)
Ohaus£ 225.00View/Order
ranger3000 count proweigh.jpgRC31P1515kg x 0.5g
(Model Number: 30031785)
Ohaus£ 225.00View/Order
ranger3000 count proweigh.jpgRC31P3-M3kg x 0.1g
(Model Number: 30060908)
Ohaus£ 265.00View/Order
ranger3000 count proweigh.jpgRC31P30-M30kg x 1g
(Model Number: 30060911)
Ohaus£ 265.00View/Order
ranger3000 count proweigh.jpgRC31P3030kg x 1g
(Model Number: 30031786)
Ohaus£ 225.00View/Order
ranger3000 count proweigh.jpgRC31P33kg x 0.1g
(Model Number: 30031783)
Ohaus£ 225.00View/Order
ranger3000 count proweigh.jpgRC31P6-M6kg x 0.2g
(Model Number: 30060909)
Ohaus£ 265.00View/Order
ranger3000 count proweigh.jpgRC31P66kg x 0.2g
(Model Number: 30031784)
Ohaus£ 225.00View/Order
RE_Series_S.jpgRE Series 15kg x 5g
(Model Number: RE-15S)
Ohaus£ 289.00View/Order
RE_Series_S.jpgRE Series 30kg x 10g
(Model Number: RE-30S)
Ohaus£ 289.00View/Order
RE_Series_S.jpgRE Series 6kg x 2g
(Model Number: RE-6S)
Ohaus£ 289.00View/Order
RE_Series_S.jpgRE Series 3kg x 1g
(Model Number: RE-3S)
Ohaus£ 289.00View/Order
RS_Series2.jpgRS Series 15kg x 5g
(Model Number: RS-15S-000E)
Ohaus£ 635.00View/Order
RS_Series2.jpgRS Series 30kg x 10g
(Model Number: RS-30S-000E)
Ohaus£ 635.00View/Order
RS_Series2.jpgRS Series 3kg x 1g
(Model Number: RS-3S-000E)
Ohaus£ 635.00View/Order
RS_Series2.jpgRS Series 6kg x 2g
(Model Number: RS-6S-000E)
Ohaus£ 635.00View/Order
Salter 3000kg x 1kg
(Model Number: SB3T)
Salter Brecknell£ 995.00View/Order
scoop1 (Custom).jpgScoop (Coal or Coke)
(Model Number: SCOOP)
ProWeigh Ltd£ 0.00View/Order
Scout Pro Round Pan.jpgScout Pro 120g x 0.001g
(Model Number: 80104021)
Ohaus£ 320.00View/Order
Scout Pro Square Pan.jpgScout Pro 2000g x 0.1g
(Model Number: 80104026)
Ohaus£ 215.00View/Order
Scout Pro Round Pan.jpgScout Pro 200g x 0.01g
(Model Number: 80104022)
Ohaus£ 215.00View/Order
Scout Pro Square Pan.jpgScout Pro 4000g x 0.1g
(Model Number: 80104027)
Ohaus£ 285.00View/Order
Scout Pro Round Pan.jpgScout Pro 400g x 0.01g
(Model Number: 80104023)
Ohaus£ 285.00View/Order
Scout Pro Round Pan.jpgScout Pro 400g x 0.1g
(Model Number: 80104024)
Ohaus£ 135.00View/Order
Scout Pro Square Pan.jpgScout Pro 600g x 0.1g
(Model Number: 80104025)
Ohaus£ 150.00View/Order
Scout Pro Density Determination Kit
(Model Number: 71147378)
Ohaus£ 8.00View/Order
Scout Pro Protective Covers
(Model Number: 71168909)
Ohaus£ 7.00View/Order
TPWX2GD20ProWeighpallettruck.jpgTPWX2GD2000kg x 0.2/0.5 & 1kg
Dini Argeo£ 2,630.00View/Order
TPWX2GDIproweighpallettruck.jpgTPWX2GDI2000kg x 0.2/0.5 & 1kg
Dini Argeo£ 5,500.00View/Order
TPWX3GDProWeighpallettruck.jpgTPWX3GD2000kg x 0.2/0.5 & 1kg
Dini Argeo£ 1,850.00View/Order
TPWX3GDIproweighpallettruck.jpgTPWX3GDI2000kg x 0.2/0.5 & 1kg
Dini Argeo£ 4,700.00View/Order
uf6200.jpgUF6200Pallet2500kg x 0.5kg
(Model Number: 816965002689)
Salter Brecknell£ 735.00View/Order
vfpallet.gifVF Pallet 1500kg x 0.5kg
(Model Number: VFPP-150011M)
Ohaus£ 989.00View/Order
vfpallet.gifVF Pallet 600kg x 0.2kg
(Model Number: VFPP-60011M)
Ohaus£ 989.00View/Order
WB6200x.jpgWB6200 2500kg x 0.5kg
(Model Number: WB6200AAZAAAA)
Salter Brecknell£ 589.00View/Order

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WB6200 2500kg x 0.5kg
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